We raise several different mini-doodle breeds, as well as purebred toy poodles.  If you do not see a specific doodle breed here, please feel free to contact us to inquire if we have that breed available.


​1941 Male

​1453 Female

1968 Female


​1942 Male

​1452 Female

​1964 Male

​1470 Male

​1459 Female

​1960 Male

1970 Female

Yorkipoo Puppies

​Available April 9th!

Mini  Goldendoodle Puppies

​Available April  2nd!

1​455 Male


​1962 Female

​1967 Male

​1959 Female

0247 Male

1461 Male

​1961 Female

​1955 Female

Cavachon Puppies

​Available  April 6th

1454 Male

​1451 Male

1978 Male

​1972 Female

F1b Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Available April 3rd!


Available Poodle and Doodle Puppies are posted below.  Please note: we make every effort to keep these pages as updated as possible.  However, our first priority is caring for our pups, and thus we may have puppies available that are not posted here.  We invite families to contact us at any time to inquire about available and expectant litters.

​1965 Male

Maltipoo Puppies

​Available April 3rd!

​1956 Female

​1975 Male

​1463 Female

1462 Female

​1952 Male


Maltipoo Puppy

Available March 30th

​1473 Female

​1469 Male

​0246 Male

​1973 Female

​1460 Male

​Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Available April 1st! 

​1976 Male

​1456 Female

​1969 Female

​1966 Male

Cockapoo Puppies

Available April 4th

​1471 Male

​1472 Female