​0615 Male


1807 Female

​0619 Female

​0575 Female

​1789 Female

1782 Male

​0578 Female

0617 Male

1787 Male

​1783 Female

​1805 Male

​0616 Male

Tibetan Mastff  Puppes

Available February 20th

Golden Retriever Puppies

​(April x Max)

Available February 9th!


Available Purebred Puppies are posted below.  Please note: we make every effort to keep these pages as updated as possible.  However, our first priority is caring for our pups, and thus we may have puppies available that are not posted here.  We invite families to contact us at any time to inquire about available and expectant litters.

0639 Male

0640 Male

​Golden Retriever Puppies

(Cora x Norm)

Available February 3rd

​1785 Male

​0618 Male

​1790 Female

Our Purebred breeds include:  White Golden Retrievers, King Charles Cavaliers, and Yorkies.  We also have purebred poodles & doodles - available puppies are posted on our Poodles and Doodles page.

​1792 Female

1817 Male

​1804 Male

​Golden Retriever Puppies

(Denny x Norm)

​Available February 14th)

0277 Female

​1818 Female

Tibetan Mastiff Puppies

​Available February February 18th!

​Miniature Poodle Puppies

Available February 12th!

​1791 Female

​0614 Male