​King Charles Cavalier Puppies

​Available December 8th

​5958 Male

​Miniature  Poodle Puppies

(Mom is a standard poodle & Dad is a miniature poodle)

​Available December 18th - will hold for Christmas!

​6006 Female

Available Purebred Puppies are posted below.  Please note: we make every effort to keep these pages as updated as possible.  However, our first priority is caring for our pups, and thus we may have puppies available that are not posted here.  We invite families to contact us at any time to inquire about available and expectant litters.

​5959 Male


6002 Male


​5949 Female

​6036 Female


​6058 Female

​6054 Male

Golden Retriever Puppies

Available December  23rd

​5960 Male

6004 Female

​5999 Male

​5948 Male

​6000 Male

​5947 Male

​5946 Male

​6055 Male

6003 Female

​6005 Female

Our Purebred breeds include:  White Golden Retrievers, King Charles Cavaliers, and Yorkies.  We also have purebred poodles & doodles - available puppies are posted on our Poodles and Doodles page.

​5962 Female

​Golden Retriever Puppies

Available December 14th

​5961 Male

0277 Female

​6033 Male


​6056 Male

​6035 Female

6007 Male

​6057 Male