Big Star's Bernese Mountain Dogs


A Bernese Mountain Dog Story

Bernese Mountain Dog's are the only breed we have at Big Star that we didn't have a previous connection to... When we decided to add new breeds, we knew we wanted all big dogs - hence the name Big Star!  We started doing our research and became intrigued by this breed.  We were surprised to learn of the popularity of the Bernese and decided we wanted to see for ourselves.  We brought home Bruce as a puppy and quickly knew that we would love having this breed around.  Even as a puppy, Bruce was gentle and tolerant with our grandkids - and, despite his size, has always been incredibly well tempered & calm when he came in the house.  Now full grown, he is a sweet gentle giant!  We love watching him run around the farm with his floppy trot, his droopy puppy dog eyes and his happy go lucky nature.


>Learn more about this breed on the AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Information Page.