Big Star's Rotties


A Rottweiler Story

We fell in love with Rottie's when a stray Rottie came into our lives.  The lovely lady above was found wandering at our local fairgrounds.  We tried to find her home, but soon realized nobody was going to claim her, so we decided she would come to live with us.  We named her Amber and she quickly warmed her way into our hearts.  Visitors to the farm were always a little wary of Amber, which we found to be quite humorous, as she was one of the most gentle and loving dogs we had ever known. It was especially hard to say goodbye to Amber when her time came.  This recue pup fit with our family as if we had always been a part of hers!  When we decided that we wanted more dogs on the farm, it was a given that Rottie's would be on our list.


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